Supt and Mother Little
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We Celebtate 

Mother Judy Little!

Women in the  Church of God in Christ have many opportunities to grow, learn, fellowship and lead. From Sunshine Band to the Supervisor of Women and beyond, our goal is to prepare the women of the future  to be used of God in whatever area He calls them to.  


I am humbled and honored to serve as the Department of Women Supervisor for Florida Central Second Eccleasiastical Jurisdiction, Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr. Prelate and my husband Supt. Charlie Little 1st Administrative Assistant. My goal in the time that I hold this office is to leave a legacy for future women, motivate those that are a part of the Jurisdiction and be an example in the Womens Department that would draw others to join and be a part.  To  the 'A -Team' my District Missionaries, Presidents and Ladies of the FCSEJ, let's pull together and make this the best Women's Department, ever!!!



Supervisor of Women, Mother Judy Little

Someone asked me if I had ever desired to be the Supervisor of Women for the Jurisdiction. I could honestly say, "no". When I got saved and coming up in the church, we were taught to serve. We didn't do things for recognition of man, but to honor God in what we did and that has been my mission.


Working with the Women's Department  provided me a opportunity to serve God, support my husband in ministry and be an example of a Holy Woman to family, friends, community." 

I have learned so much in this church!


Superintendent Charlie Little &

Mother Judy Little, Supervisor